The colors are perfectly safe for 3D printers. Tested on popular new and used printers on market for more than 3 years without any problems.


New and improved formula! Our binders work perfectly on popular 3D printers on market with OEM powder, but it is not recomended to mix with other consumables or OEM fluids.


Our crew with more than 6 years experience in 3D printing will answer all questions. We’ve been printing on our materials from 2013 till now and successfully delivering products to customers around Europe: Germany, UK, Italy, Greece, Spain and many more.


Binders have long time shelf and inside printer endurance and will never clog the pipes in your 3D Printer because they stay clear fluids for more than a year.


Easy to refill and compatible with all Color 3D Printers – old and new models on HP10, HP57 and HP11 printheads.


Use our binder like OEM materials, no special settings, same procedure. Infiltration can be done by any CA or epoxy.